There is a common thread that runs from the recent loss in the Presidential elections by Democrats, the Obama administration, the BREXIT vote in the UK and the massive publication of DNC emails by Wikileaks. It all boils down to some people are so smart they're stupid.

Let's start with Michael McFaul, ex-ambassador under Obama to Moscow, Rhodes Scholar, DPhil in international relations from Oxford University, Professor of Political Science, Director and Senior Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, the Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, and a Professor at Stanford University. You would imagine, after the breath-taking list of academic and political achievements, that McFaul is a pretty smart guy. So would it shock you that the smarty pants trusted his Twitter account to message private information?

How smart is that?

According to the New York Daily News, McFaul's Twitter account appears to have been hacked. His account began spitting out his private messages, including one with his phone number, and plastering them all over the Internet. The former Obama ambassador to Moscow confirmed to the Daily News that he had sent his number as a private message but that it posted for the public to see. McFaul also said that Twitter had contacted him Thursday morning about “suspicious activity” around his account.

Now let's distinguish here what the mad Professor was doing. He was using Twitter's Direct Message service to send instant communications to others - not posting Tweets online.

It is well known that Twitter intentionally avoided putting in secure encrypted Direct Messages. In fact, Twitter even features a "one at a time" delete function for messages which is difficult to use. These two functions - or lack thereof - make it easy for Twitter to monetize the Direct Message service by reading them, recording them and then selling the information to 3rd parties for spam, advertisements and government (law enforcement) agencies to use.

Let's consider this for a moment. Twitter, which has had many celebrity accounts hacked by simple password guess-work, was used by the ex-Ambassador so he could transmit private information. Those very same open messages he sent are now part of a data mining strip search being sold on the open market as well as posted on Twitter by a hacker who managed to get into his account.

How smart is that?

McFaul's dilemma sounds so very familiar of the smarty pants class enrolled in the Obama administration. We have Hillary, the "most qualified person to ever run for President" using her personal - not secure - email server set up in her basement to pass classified information around the globe. We have Professor John Podesta, often cited as the Clinton go-to man on computer security policy, falling for a fake "reset your password" web site and suddenly 30,000 gmails that he refused to delete are sprayed all over the Wikileaks pages in a waterfall of damaging information.

We also have the Director of the CIA, John Brennan who had his personal email hacked by a couple of stoned teenagers out for a night of cyber-fun. Worse, the same stoners also hacked Brennan's boss, the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

One of the stoners also thought it would be fun to hack the FBI. So he called up the FBI computer help desk, told them he was their boss and demanded they give him his ID and password to log in. The result? The stoners posted the full bios of 30,000 FBI agents, including location, pictures and personal details, on the Internet.

How smart is that?

Now how does this relate to the election and to the BREXIT vote? Easy. Both votes were shoe-in - "we've got it in the bag" - events for the smarty pants running the global policy in America and Britain. The public certainly must trust the Brainiac nerds who made all the policy for the last 20 years in the western world. Clearly, the people who promoted "intelligent" design were more qualified to run things that a normal person.

After all, the design by intelligence folks brought us socialism, trade imbalance, job exodus and really important bathroom policies for about 1/2 a percent of the entire population. Their great achievements include a continuous war in the middle east, massive refugee problems, slave labor in China and the far east, the virtual elimination of the middle class and the drive to the bottom for everyone else but themselves.

When the election results came in - the wonks were stunned. Now the ruling elite and the smarty pants nerds are falling all over themselves in total denial. They are screeching and howling like mad poodles who can't figure out why the Internet connected dog feeder doesn't work when the kid next door hacked it. They just can't comprehend that humanity does not trust them with total control.

They still don't understand that their kind of intelligent design brought us the Shih Tzu while mother nature with her random evolution brought us the Wolf.

How smart is that?



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