The DNC hack has drawn much attention on propagandized emails and an information war waged against Hillary Clinton during the election. Overlooked by the Democrat leadership in the piles of scandalous emails are over 3 million names, addresses, phone numbers of regular donors and how much they donated for the past decade.

The Democrats have all but forgotten the people who carry the party in favor of a few fools leading the party. The little people have had their lives sprayed out for the hoodie hackers to abuse, spam, phish and pester with fake calls in order to drain their bank accounts.

Of course, Democrats had a chance at the beginning when the breach became known to do the "Target" thing by informing the donors their data was hacked and even offering to assist with credit/ID theft protection. Instead, the party elected to cover up that part of the story, hoping the donations would not dry up due to the fact they were careless with everyone’s private information.

Democrats are indeed fortunate that being a political party, they are not as liable for breaches of private information as a Home Depot. Instead, most states and the US government give political parties a pass on security requirements and breach notifications. After all, it is the party leaders who get elected and they make the laws. Why would they propose something as logical as being just as liable for your private information as the laws they have imposed on a local dry cleaner? Doing something like that would make too much sense and clearly, cost the party money if a breach did occur.

Well, a big breach did occur and Hillary it happened on your watch - along with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile and Tim Kaine. In fact, of the bunch, Tim Kaine is the most liable since he led the party just before the hacks. You want to know what kind of money the DNC spent on computer defenses? The answer: Just enough to cover a few copies of anti-virus software and one or two firewall devices. We know this from the hacked data so publically delivered.

Democrats will pay a price but not the one they foresee. Several studies have shown that organizations that do not address data breaches lose as much as 30% of their customers on a permanent basis over the next two years. The Democrat party, already fighting to remain relevant in US politics, can ill afford to lose even 10% of its membership.

Thus, while efforts to mobilize the base using an almost hysterical tone of alarm at the current Trump agenda may yield a temporary bump, the reality is they are going to see major losses due to the fact that they simply cannot be trusted as shown by their lack of action on the breach. Even more alarming, is that the Democrat leadership seems to be oblivious to this by continuing to ignore calls to fess up and act to protect their membership.

All of this has a direct effect on America. While the national debates rage on, both parties fiddle like Nero viewing a bonfire from his balcony. The hoodie hackers click happily away on their keyboards, facing little opposition because nothing has been done. There is little question the information security of the US is in sad shape and there is plenty of blame to go around.

The current superiority of info-warfare offense can be laid to blame on the ruling establishment. They either tried to stifle defenses or ignored them in favor of accumulating money. The real tragedy is not the ruling elite and their bruised egos, disrupted illegal donations, exposed financial dealings or activities of a generally perverse nature. The real victim is the ordinary citizen.

The Federal government IT systems have been shown to be vulnerable to inside and outside corruption time and again. The OPM hack of 20 million employee records was done at the behest of China through a contractor. The abuse of IRS data to target political opponents of the Obama administration was done on the inside by party loyalists looking to gain an advantage. The cover ups, thousands of lost emails, numerous destroyed hard drives at the IRS and EPA gives rise to the theory that either a Bermuda Triangle is over Washington or there is a deep rooted corruption inside the Beltway.

The Hillary classified email server fiasco, followed by dozens of other email fiascos by both parties, makes it clear that a standardized, secure email system must be established for the entire Federal government. The rise of insiders using personal email or text systems to take control over democratically elected officials reeks of a "Seven Days in May" like plot to overthrow our government. Both can be addressed with rational programs and objectives.

The Republicans and conservatives have almost a Neanderthal view of information security. Many support draconian bans of encryption, censorship of data on the Internet and Star Chamber like courts who meet in secret. The neo-con instincts that brought us the 9/11 programs of mass surveillance are still very much alive and well. Yet, despite billions spent on surveillance and data mining, the spying on ordinary citizens yielded little of value in the war on terror. Instead, it has given rise to the political abuse of that surveillance information as so many of us predicted at the beginning of this adventure into crazy.

Republicans are only matched by the Democrats who paid little attention to information security until after it bit them right smack in the fanny. The healthy skeptics on the left, who waded through Edward Snowden's revelations of mass surveillance, all the while preaching the Constitutional rules on privacy, are today supporting the CIA and welcoming the leaks of private information gathered by the surveillance state they once so adamantly opposed.

I am not sure which is worse; a Neanderthal or a hypocrite. It would seem that neither party has learned the true lesson of the 2016 elections; without information security you are screwed.




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