The End of the Surveillance State



The news that the Obama administration was using national security surveillance information for political purposes should really come as no surprise to America. It was in Obama's nature to do what he did. His ego would allow nothing else but total victory or scorched earth for the people who trusted him with power.

Unlike the left, who dropped to their knees in collective worship of the newly born saint of progressive politics, I saw through his thin veneer of smiling confidence and gazed upon his troubled intellectual prejudice. We Americans were simply not good enough for him. He was the smartest man in the room. Obama was the very pinnacle of brilliance and academic finesse to ever walk into the Oval office. We did not deserve his benevolent rule. The Democrat view of Obama is one who walked upon a gilded stage of roman pillars and declared a new world of candy for everyone... everyone but the ordinary citizens of the nation he was elected to rule.

Thus, behind the smiling mask of loving kindness and compassion of the chosen one so born to rule, lurked the heart of a true totalitarian. The one-world elitist that should decide all our fates as if his computer like mind could comprehend what no food meant to an out of work coal miner and his family. The Obama cool intellect of driven social engineering was determined to remold America by any means possible including if need be - the use of powers that would shame a tin-pot dictator. It is here - inside the mind of a pompous and egotistical charlatan who looked down upon the masses as if they were mere pawns - was born the abuse of power we face now.

It is just as true that the structures of the machine/state to monitor, tap, impose and steam-roll over the people was erected by another set of intellectuals who called themselves neo-cons. Their framework of vast powers were collected under the guise of safety and protection, patriotism gone wild because of adventures in distant lands that had returned to our shores with vengeance. It was the sudden jerk to a leftist ideologue whose quest for personal glory that took that capability and rendered it into the monster we face today.

The collective failure of the ruling elite, on the right and left, over the past three decades have eroded our economy, shaved away at our freedoms and embroiled us into a global never-ending war. The last eight years of that adventure are the cumulative cherry on top of a federally sponsored sundae that we find ourselves unable to swallow. It is a horror show that we cannot turn away from because we are chained in place and our eyes locked open.

Oh, there are other institutions to blame; the news media who so kindly sucked up to the powers like sycophant lap-dogs, the think-tanks who filled their ranks with out-of-work six figure insiders when they weren't lobbyists, committee members or policy makers, the billionaires who trade political powers in their pockets like so many nickels and dimes. They all stand with the monster that has been created. Now, many of them stand to be trampled underfoot as the beast lurches from side to side like Godzilla in a Tokyo downtown spree.

Meanwhile, standing on an empty street-corner, a Vietnam vet holds a cardboard sign "will work for food". Not far away in a shabby apartment, a mother goes to her second job to pay for this month's rent. On the other side of the world a son sits in a lonely outpost in Afghanistan protecting his homeland. In the open fields of Middle America, a farmer contemplates the breakup of his land that has been in his family for generations. And in a quiet late night suburban mall, an engineer works behind a food court because his former company replaced him with a foreign citizen at half his wage.

It's not as if the DC Beltway insiders cared much for these folks in "fly-over" country. Their life of swilling white wine at a free dinner run by a policy shop or trade group was so far removed from the American work-a-day world as Mars is from Earth. They did not want to hear what their ruinous policies would do to unions and workers when they opened the borders. They did not care to hear of how families were destroyed by embedded bureaucracy and layers of useless paperwork in a downtown ghetto. They did not hear the cries of those who could not afford to pay mandated fees for services they did not need.

Now we see the system beginning to eat itself and go full-on Ouroborus. The monster has begun to melt-down with the sudden realization that its powers are too great and the results are too costly. The act of using the massive national technical system of intelligence for political power and to abuse opponents was the pressing of a self-destruct button by Obama. Oh, the buildup will take time but the result will be just the same in the end, as the multiple hydra heads of the surveillance state begin to wage war on each other until, after a furious battle, the Gorgon simply dies from exhaustion.

We are witnessing the beginning of the end. The collapse of a totalitarian state built over 30 years crumbling before our eyes. The futile efforts to limit and censor are backfiring. The bloated bureaucracy dominated by career behind the desk decision makers is coming apart.

The next American Revolution will dominate the world for the remainder of this century and well into the next. We stand at the brink of destruction or at the dawn of a new world. What we build upon the ruins of the surveillance state is our choice.

"Then he waited, marshalling his thoughts and brooding over his still untested powers. For though he was master of the world, he was not quite sure what to do next. But he would think of something."

Arthur C. Clarke - 2001




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