It is time to slay the monster. The "Deep State", "Shadow Government", "Surveillance State" or whatever its name is today has to be destroyed. The drama currently unfolding in America has shown the vast intelligence apparatus erected to protect our nation has gotten out of control and has turned upon us.

Over 250 million internet communications were swept up under Section 702 of FISA in 2011 alone. No warrant. No court. The FISA investigation is not a “law-enforcement matter” or “case", it is an intelligence matter.

Yet, the FISA has suffered from political abuse with allies such as Germany, France and Israel being cited as targets simply because their governments may have opposing views damaging to the local politics of the ruling party in DC. The recent abuse carried with it the detailed connections to elected officials inside America who communicated with their foreign counter parts in Berlin, Paris and Tel Aviv. Thus, scooped up in a single fell swoop, communications of US citizens were lumped in with details of why Berlin or Paris support economic pacts or why Tel Aviv does not support deals with a nuclear armed Iran.

In fact, in these particular circumstances, a FISA court was never used. The president has constitutional authority under Article II to direct surveillance without judicial authorization and Obama exercised that authority. Obama approved surveillance on Germany and Israel. The so-called "it was carried out by professionals" excuse translates into the familiar "we were following orders".

Those orders came from the top and no amount of legal chaff can hide that fact.

The information gathered was ripe for abuse. The Obama administration unleashed a paid campaign to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately after tapping Israel. The furious effort by the Obama administration to subvert the democracy of an ally and silence the government of Israel also carried with it a furious effort to silence its supporters inside the US.

Today, we face a different problem altogether. The surveillance of a presidential candidate and of members of Congress for political purposes. The data revealed so far by the rapidly leaking ship of "Deep State" shows vast surveillance of the Trump campaign and even supporters in Congress, such as Senator Sessions, was under-way inside the Obama administration. This effort makes Water-Gate seem like an amateur game of tag in comparison.

The first question left unanswered is: How many members of Congress were tapped?

In addition, there is also the question of access and leaks. We already know that the Clinton campaign had members of the Obama government who leaked information to them. Peter Kadzik inside the Obama Department of Justice gave the Clinton campaign a "heads up' regarding investigations into Hillary's emails. Who else had access to the sensitive FISA materials and were they too leaked to Clinton?

The fact is that the "Surveillance State" has so much information on all of us those un-seen bureaucrats can pick and choose who is to be targeted, who are to be promoted, and who are to be discredited. This is not a democracy but something out of an Orwellian nightmare.

It is time for Congress to act and act swiftly if they intend that there is to be a Congress in the future. The "Surveillance State" must be dismantled. The three sisters, the FBI, CIA and NSA have to be opened, re-organized and re-tasked back on their original missions. The bureaucrats so deeply entrenched in these agencies must be re-assigned, re-evaluated, let-go and the data files on millions of Americans must be destroyed.

Yes, you read me right, "destroyed".

Why? To show America and the whole world how out of control and damaging the accumulation of data on millions of free citizens can be. There must be no more secret societies that hold detailed information on our citizenry. Those that amassed that information must be exposed to the light of day and if need be prosecuted. The data they amassed is vile and not for national security but for power accumulation and control. It too must be sent into the abyss along with the horrid creature we created. Either it must die or we will.




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