Let's review the record of the FBI under James Comey. In Feb. 2016, the agency was hacked - well sort of hacked. Some 30,000 federal agents, including over 20,000 FBI agents names, email addresses - many of which were non-public - and job descriptions were posted online. The breach included over 1,000 FBI employees serving in an intelligence analysis role.

How did this happen?

A stoned teenager sitting in his mom's basement called the FBI IT help desk, identified himself as his boss, and told the desk operator to give him the 2 factor authorizations and passwords to get into a high level account. The help desk sweetly obeyed and poof - Comedy’s FBI had its pants pulled down in public on the Internet. This single event shows exactly what the FBI Director was doing to improve the security of his agency to protect the security of the nation.

At about the same time the FBI Director was pursuing a maniacal case against the Apple Corporation. Basically, Comey wanted to force Apple to do the bidding of his whims and became an arm of the law enforcement agency. Comey wanted Apple to break into an IPhone used by the San Bernardino terrorist even if it meant breaking their business. The entire affair was staged with great fanfare and much media coverage; making Comey the center of national attention just the way the FBI Director loved it.

The IPhone at the center of all the legal trouble was owned by the San Bernardino County government. They were told by the FBI to reset the password on the IPhone, thus denying access to the phone itself. This move ranks as one of the dumbest law enforcement actions in recent history, placing the FBI in the same class as the Keystone Kops. In a single stroke, they managed to fry the San Bernardino investigation and lock themselves out of the IPhone in question.

However, the biggest problem was with the writ served on Apple by the FBI Director after screwing up. This particular action by the Obama administration was very very dangerous. The writ was presented to Apple in the form of "do my bidding or face jail" demand. The point being that not only was this same writ presentable to any other corporation; it is also presentable in altered forms to other industries or even individuals.

In the end, we now know the FBI Director spent nearly a million dollars breaking into an IPhone to find nothing. It seems the San Bernardino terrorists were too smart to use their government issued cell phone to assist in their plot to kill innocent people. What a shocker.

Worse still, several techno-weenies were able to perform the same feat against the same kind of cell phone with about $300 in radio shack parts and a bit of time. Nice going Jim.

Then we come to the FBI bungling of a massive Child Porn "Play Pen" case. The FBI took over the dark web site and actually peddled Child porn in an effort to catch pedophiles. The result was around 200 people were charged.

However, the FBI investigation used national security assets, or according to the FBI - “network investigative techniques”. Because of this national security secret software, the FBI has refused defense lawyers access even when the result is they have to drop charges against the pedophiles. So not only did Comey run a Child porn site, he also botched the prosecution since a secret malware program used for intelligence purposes is involved.

Oh, there are other episodes where the FBI has let down America as to be nearly laughable - if it weren't so very true. The 20 million government employee records stolen by Chinese hackers included the personnel files of Director Comey. Comey even bought into the fiction that the hack was about Chinese intelligence agents wanting to use the classified employee information to open fake credit card accounts.

So the Chinese Army is so hard up that they need to place fake orders on Amazon using stolen IDs? Not likely. What is painfully obvious is the information can be used for black mail, identifying US spies and since it included 5 million finger prints, spoofing secure locks with the finger prints of top level officials.

Then there is the fumbling of the Clinton investigation: Never getting the server, never obtaining 13 of the devices she used to communicate, stifled in obtaining national security secrets because Clinton gave the entire contents to her lawyer, handing out immunity agreements like lollipops on Halloween, refusing to examine extensive evidence that Clinton was being hacked and ignoring accusations of a "QUID PRO QUO" cover up by his own agents.

It's not like I don't miss the guy... In fact, he was an authoritarian technophobe. He deserved to be canned for messing up so many times that I'm surprised the Hoover building is still standing. Some attribute this to President Trump cleaning up the mess in DC. That action implies a mop and a bucket... this was more like President Trump decided to hit the "flush" button.




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