The scope of the recent VAULT7 CIA leaks from Wikileaks is breathtaking and frightening. I recently noted that the surveillance state must be dismantled. However, it never dawned on me until reading the VAULT7 leaks why it is not just a privacy or political issue. The surveillance state has actually become a threat to mankind that could very well destroy life as we know it.

The VAULT7 leaks detail CIA operations to penetrate individual computers, communications and cell phones. The VAULT7 hacks are the "retail" division of the CIA operations, aimed at ordinary civilian life. This is rather hum-drum individual exploitation.

I wrote about a "cyber" extinction event a year ago. It is also known in the hacker community as "FIRE SALE" because everything must go. Clearly, the CIA industrial division is working on penetrating the power grid, nuclear power plants, financial networks, stock markets and the basic infrastructure underpinning all of our current civilization. One leak from the industrial group - for the power grid or the stock market - and we will have an instant global catastrophe - a man made "Fire Sale".

The real point here is the CIA teams, fed by a desire to protect US national security have now become one of the greatest threats to it. America and her allies are dependent on computer and security infrastructure. The hacks as shown by the CIA VAULT7 attacks were designed to circumvent encrypted communications and data storage by attacking the computer/cell phone operating systems. Thus, you do not need to brute force encrypted data if you have already placed a back door inside the system, spinning out every key stroke or data file long before it makes it to the scrambling software.

These same kinds of exploits can also play a significant role against the Internet of Things (IOT). One of the VAULT7 programs was designed specifically to attack smart TV sets. So, as I warned just a week ago, your TV set could be watching you. Other exploits designed by the CIA teams took over web cameras, media players and even disabled or fooled anti-virus programs. One set of exploits were designed to infect USB drives, substituting malware for the system software inside the drive and then infecting any machine it is inserted into.

However, as nasty as these things are the same computers and often the same operating systems are shared by the industrial, financial, banking, and infra-structure community. Thus computers running your electricity, water, sewage, banks, and stock markets are also vulnerable to similar attacks. The VAULT7 project teams have counter-parts inside Langley who are furiously, and patriotically, designing ways to destroy electric grids, blast open nuclear power plants, bring down dams, bury water works, disable sewage plants and render your money worthless with the click of a mouse.

There is also a third unit inside Langley. Its goal is not a simple Apple or Android cell phone or some desktop computer. Its job is to open up weapons, divert them from their targets, steer them off course, fire them without warning and make them fail on command. This group would have the keys to some of the most dangerous items on earth, nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry of mass destruction. They also have hacks that could either disable or unleash the monsters of human destruction.

One leak of any or a few of these tools and we will be faced with disasters that could claim millions of lives. It can be the kind of event that will bring down entire nations or even spin out of control into a true "Fire Sale", taking humanity back 2 centuries or worse... Ending life on Earth as we know it.

Medusa must die. The surveillance state must be dismantled before it kills us all. It is only a matter of ticking seconds and a quivering hand over a keyboard before the "Fire" begins.




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