James Comey testified before the Senate and claimed that Wikileaks is "intelligence porn" and not an official news outlet. Comey's statement is not only odd but misdirected because the Director himself is a peddler of more than "intelligence" porn. In fact, Comey ordered his agents to run a real child porn site.

The FBI prosecution of the "Playpen" Child pornography case has fallen upon hard times because of its poor conception and execution. The FBI took over the dark web site and actually peddled Child porn in an effort to catch pedophiles. The result was around 200 people were charged. However, the FBI strike was led by teams using national security assets, according to the FBI - “network investigative techniques” - or secret malware to penetrate the TOR anonymous network in order to identify the suspects.

Thus, when push comes to shove in court, the FBI has refused defense lawyers access to the super-secret malware even when the result is they have to drop charges against the pedophiles because the evidence gathered by the national security asset is tossed out of court.

So not only did Comey's FBI run a Child porn site, they have also botched the prosecution since a secret malware program used for intelligence purposes is involved. Comey and the FBI are guilty of peddling both real Child porn and bad "intelligence" porn by trying to convince a Judge and jury to convict the pedophiles. The real porn is obvious and akin to the FBI selling heroin on the street corner to catch addicts. The intelligence porn is the lie by Comey and his team that using a national security asset in a criminal investigation is justified because it and the evidence created cannot be used for such a prosecution.

Still, there are other fine examples of Comey's FBI detailing the same kind of "intelligence" porn he claimed Wikileaks is guilty of. The FBI under Comey released thousands of documents in the Hillary Clinton email server scandal, many of which are damning evidence of not only the intentional breach of national security but of an ensuing cover-up. The "intelligence" porn parts involve the legal intercourse the FBI took, making sure that none of the evidence could be used in Court. This is similar to using a national security asset to investigate a pedophile but in reverse. The FBI accepted to have its legal arms and legs tied before they got to interrogate the Clinton suspects, giving away immunity free passes like condoms at an UC Berkeley love in.

The big story from the Senate hearing was Comey admitted that Huma Abedin would often be asked by Hillary to print important and classified emails. However, since the State Department email system did not allow printing - for obvious security reasons - Huma would forward the classified emails to a personal YAHOO account or to her husband Anthony Weiner's account so she could print them. The fact that Anthony Weiner's laptop contained a large number of Clinton emails seems to be sudden news but it isn't.

The FBI released documents detailing their interrogation of Huma Abedin in September 2016 where she admitted to sending documents to her Yahoo account and to her husband Anthony Weiner. The "porn" dealing main stream media seems to have missed that page in the run up to the election. FBI Director Comey knew the naked truth and revealed it in his "intelligence" porn dumps on Hillary but he never called attention to the bulging evidence, even when in the last days before the election, when he was forced to admit Weiner's laptop had classified Clinton emails.

Comey's legal karma sutra positions on prosecuting Clinton and Abedin are just as pornographic. In his Senate testimony Comey insisted that Abedin and Clinton were not aware that sending classified documents to a person who was not cleared to see them was against the law. Such a crime doesn't require that the defendant know that his or her conduct was illegal - Ignorantia juris non excusat or ignorantia legis neminem excusat (Latin for "ignorance of the law excuses not") is very real.

However, there are exceptions. Say you accidently mistook someone else’s coat for yours when you left a restaurant. You did not know you were stealing because you thought it was yours. This is different than taking a coat on purpose because you liked it. Comey's point was he required proof that Abedin and Clinton acted “knowingly” for the government to demonstrate that they purposefully committed a crime.

However, Abedin and Clinton handled national security assets, classified information, so this is not a case where someone took the wrong coat from the rack. You can't simply drive a knife into someone's chest repeatedly and say you didn't know it was against the law. In the age of Wikileaks and Edward Snowden, you also certainly can't breach 60,000 emails - some containing highly classified CIA and NSA information - and say you didn't know it was illegal.

The final pornographic act by Director Comey is the continuing limp case of the Russian election hack and Trump. The evidence of the Russian hack is already questionable since Wikileaks released the CIA Vault7 documents, showing how the agency created tools to fake evidence of a hack from other nations.

The Trump side is just as much a strap on of fictional performances for the liberal ex-Clinton supporters to cling to the bitter revenge motive. Whether he likes it or not Comey's FBI participated in an orgy of leaks that splashed their way into the headlines, containing national security information and Watergate espionage for political purposes. No matter how Comey would like to portray the masking scandal as it unfolds - it is clear he is going to get spanked for having loose tongues inside the agency who like "deep throat" - wagged to the NY Times and other main stream media outlets.

All in all, Director Comey is a porn peddler of the highest caliber. His use of national security assets to bungle criminal sex prosecutions are only overshadowed by his mismanagement of the Clinton investigation and the cover up of the massive leaks at the FBI under his leadership.




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