The following dramatization is based on historical evidence.

Opening scene from CSI Comey...

Director Comey walks into the interrogation room and sits down with a paper cup of red wine. Across from the stern faced Director sits Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State smiles at Comey as if she were in a high dollar gift shop.

"We're investigating a murder," announces Comey as he stares coldly at Clinton. "We'd like to do an autopsy on the body."

Clinton narrows her eyes but the smile remains sweetly on her face.

"We cremated the body," she replies. "But you can take my word for it... there were no bullet holes."

Comey downs the red wine in a single gulp and crumples the Dixie cup in his hand viciously.

"Well Okay then," he says happily, standing up to open the door.

"No murder here.. You are free to go."

So who does a computer crime investigation without doing forensic inspection of the computer involved? Apparently, the answer is: the honest James Comey, former Director of the FBI.

The fantastic legal mind and powerful deductive capabilities of this modern day Sherlock Holmes led Comey to believe that investigating Hillary Clinton and her make-shift classified email server without having the server was correct. The FBI had to take the word of Hillary and her employees that the wiped clean server, erased backup drives, several missing Blackberry phones, a missing laptop and disappeared thumb drives were all just co-incidence.

Thus, the powerful mind of the top FBI detective determined that all was right and giving everyone involved a grant of immunity so they would honestly testify was the perfect way to wrap up the investigation.

Now this was not the first time that the Chief Inspector...er Director of the FBI.. may have mishandled things digital. Just recall that the DNC server which contained evidence that Vladimir Putin himself hacked into it has never been turned over to the FBI for inspection. Instead, the FBI was supplied with the allegations of hacking by a hired-gun outfit that is in business to remain in business. I would never accuse anyone of saying what the paying client tells you to say is a way to stay in business. Yet, it would be so much nicer, and perhaps credible, if the FBI computer teams were allowed to come to their own conclusions.

It is often said that an organization reflects its leadership. Still, the FBI under Comey is an accurate reflection of his steel like grip on keeping his pants from catching fire. The investigation by the FBI into the San Bernardino terror attack led Comey to demand in Court that Apple render any and all assistance to break into the iPhone used by the terror suspect.

The iPhone in question, owned by the county of San Bernardino was issued to their employee who decided to shoot up a Christmas party along with his wife. The iPhone was also locked by the FBI during the investigation when they mishandled it.

The recent report by the Office of the Inspector General concluded that the FBI Director jumped the gun in seeking court action against Apple to break into the iPhone his agents locked themselves out of. It seems that Sherlock Comey never really asked his own technical teams if they could break into the iPhone.

Ironically, the FBI tech team heads determined that it might be possible to break into the iPhone if they simply asked the NSA or CIA for some help. However, the top dogs also decided against asking Ft. Meade or Langley since asking for national security (secret) technical means was off-limits for a mere "criminal" investigation.

One has to wonder what is more "national security" than an attack on US soil that kills 14 people by a person who has close ties to foreign terrorist groups. It would appear that the FBI leaders decided early on the San Bernardino attack did not qualify as a possible event organized and perhaps paid for by off-shore groups with intentions of destroying America. Never mind that the terrorist was dead and a secret inspection of the phone by the NSA might lead to ISIS or al Qaeda; and warn of an imminent follow on attack. That was not important.

Still, the excuse of not seeking national security technical means falls flat on its face when you find out the FBI used secret - NSA style - methods to prosecute guys who viewed kiddie porn.

Now don't get me wrong - child pornography is horrible - but it is not espionage or stealing U.S. defense battle plans for nuclear war. We know the FBI used national technical means which are classified because they had to drop several cases against people charged with child porn, citing "national security" when the defendant's attorney wanted to know how the FBI knew their client was viewing such porn. Thus, using national technical means authorized by Comey actually did mess up a criminal case.

This little sample of Director Comey is just one of many examples where his agenda - in this case seeking a court validation of his anti-encryption policy - was of more concern than the safety of the citizens of America. Comedy’s leadership over-ruled an obvious terror investigation using national security techniques in favor of a show-boat style front page news Court case. The use of the Court order against Apple for an act of terrorism just doesn't fit the narrative when the FBI also used secret means to prosecute child porn suspects.

There are plenty of other samples from inside Comey's FBI fabulous house of fubars in cyber security. However, one that stands out is Peter Strzok. Strzok was the Chief of the Counterespionage Section during the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of a personal email server. Strzok rose to become the Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division, which is the number two position in that division, and led the FBI's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US elections.

Meanwhile, Strzok also engaged in many long text message exchanges with his FBI agent lover Lisa Page regarding his investigations, his views on Trump, Clinton and other things going on inside the FBI. Ironically, the Dept. of Homeland Security just released a notice that cell phones inside the DC area - like the one being used by Strzok - are being monitored by person or persons unknown using special electronic equipment known as a "Stingray" device.

So, while the Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterespionage Section of the FBI was sending cell phone text messages in the open about various things including his secret work - someone else was most certainly picking up those messages and reading them in real time.

It doesn't take Einstein to figure out that the Russian network of intelligence agents and the sophisticated equipment in their own embassy must have been reading Strzok. In fact, anyone who decided to spend about $2000 in online electronics parts and has a basic knowledge of how cell phones work could have been reading Strzok's messages.

Nothing could be more "counter-intelligence" than assuming that open text messages sent over a cell phone are secure.

Strzok was a handpicked Comey insider who helped do the "we-ain't-got-no-server" email server investigation into Hillary. He was also doing work trying to track down Russian spies, saboteurs and bad guys taking orders from Putin himself. He also accepted the word of the DNC that Putin was guilty without ever doing a forensic inspection of the DNC computers.

Meanwhile, Putin and company must have been reading his often steamy texts with his FBI Agent love interest and partner in hating Trump. One can imagine poor Putin, rolling on the Kremlin carpet, laughing so hard that tears were running down his face, as the head FSB agent read Strzok's messages out loud one after the other.

The FBI is supposed to be the premier law enforcement agency in America. In order to lead the FBI, one has to be good at law enforcement. It is clear from his own record, Comey was not only a lousy FBI Director... he was also a lousy cop.





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