BROC (ANDROID) for Twitter* Instant Message service

BROC allows Twitter users to exchange secure instant messages using 4096 RSA keys. The keys are stored in memory and are never stored on disk. A new key is made for each session of secure messages. BROC deletes the messages from the Twitter in/out boxes on your account when you exit the program.


Use this command first. Enter your password to protect your log in data. Valid password must be 8 or more characters. You are always required to enter your password every time you run Broc. DO NOT ENTER YOUR TWITTER PASSWORD. We do not store your password but use encrypted verification to certify you have entered the correct password. A password is required for BROC. BROC DOES NOT STORE OR SEND PERSONAL OR TWITTER INFORMATION.

You should only have to do this once. Log into your regular Twitter account using your browser. Then start up BROC. Click on the SET UP command and BROC will send a link request to Twitter. Authorize the link request and Twitter will respond with a Twitter PIN #. Put the PIN number in the pop up box displayed on BROC. Once you have entered the PIN - you should not have to use the SET UP command again.

You must CONNECT every time you wish to send or recieve messages. CONNECT automatically scans Twitter on a constant basis for any new incoming messages. When you are connected BROC will display

The SEND command will transmit your message to the Twitter user you specified in the TO text box.

Hit the SECURE command once you have established a link with someone and you wish to begin encrypted messaging. BROC will send and recieve the secure link data and post a "SECURE LINK" message once it has completed.

BROC scans all your IN BOX messages and provides you with a list of everyone who has sent you a message. You can select from this list to send messages to them. The ADDRESS option will create an OFFLINE address book of Twitter IDs who have SENT you a message. This address book is stored - ENCRYPTED - locally on your system. It is NOT shared with anyone else. You can also enter Twitter IDs directly or delete entries in your address book. The intent is that you can delete all of your Direct Messages on Twitter but save any Twitter IDs that you might want to message in your own personal secure address book.

The IN/OUT Box menu displays a listing of messages from Twitter Direct Messages. The listing is displayed with a CHECK BOX next to each message. IN box messages show who sent you the message and the text. OUT box messages show who you sent the message to and the text. You can delete the messages by selecting the messages CHECK BOX. Then remove the messages using the DELETE command. Keep in mind you might have to wait a few moments while Twitter responds to the delete requests.

This command is where you can manually enter a Twitter user name to send to WITHOUT the @ sign (e.g. softwarnet not @softwarnet).

The EXIT command will end the program and close the open link to Twitter. It deletes all ENCRYPTED messages from both your IN BOX and OUT BOX from Twitter. It will NOT delete any messages you have not encrypted. This make take some time since the command is designed to scan your entire IN/OUT boxes. Take the time to clean you instant message box on Twitter.


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