It began on a London bridge. 52-year-old Khalid Masood from Birmingham used his cell phone to send a message via the Facebook owned WhatsApp and then drove his SUV like a battering ram, mowing over unsuspecting pedestrians. Masood stopped, got out and then killed an unarmed police officer with a knife. The terror attack finally ended when police shot Masood and killed him.

Masood had been on the UK watch list and had a long list of criminal convictions. UK Prime Minister Theresa May was forced to admit Masood once came under investigation for links to religious extremism. May admitted that Masood had been on the radar of the UK intelligence community for potential links to extremism in 2010, after he returned from teaching English in Saudi Arabia.

Yet, don't fret that the police opted to not follow up on the guy even if he was unstable and radicalized. Let's blame the encrypted app that he downloaded for free.

The sincere and awful nature of politicians dodging the blame for setting up a surveillance state that fails so miserably to catch the very folks they are supposed to be surveilling is like scraping dog droppings off your shoe. It's unpleasant, smells very bad and ruins your outlook on nature in general.

UK Home Secretary Amber Rudd ranks right up at the top of my Senator Feinstein list of techno-illiterate Neanderthals. The aftermath of the London terror attack allowed the clueless sausage to spout what amounted to hair brained ideas and gibberish in technological terms.

“We need to make sure that organisations like WhatsApp, and there are plenty of others like that, don’t provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other," stated Rudd on BBC.

I guess what Amber missed was the Inspector Clouseau obvious moment. Several suspects in recent British terror attacks, including Masood, have roots in the city of Birmingham. In fact, Birmingham was described in a recent terror analysis by the Henry Jackson Society conservative think tank as a center for Islamist extremism. UK police and intelligence services also have noted that several local Birmingham mosques are linked to extremist clerics.

So, dear Amber... Shall we close a few mosques since they are providing a "secret" place for terrorists to communicate? Perhaps we should just close Masood's home town of Birmingham.

No matter. By Amber's standard of evidence, we should ignore the failure of her and the surveillance fee-fii-foe-fum giant she helped to build. It was the fault of cell phone software.

Meanwhile, in a demonstration of her technological savvy we also saw Amber swerve from the road and go over the cliff into dimwit canyon. Amber suggested the government would hire people who “understand the necessary hashtags” as part of the government’s fight against extremist material online.

Uh... what? Hastags?

Of course, the Home Office would later try to pull Ambers broken techno-hybrid Prius out of dimwit canyon by explaining that she meant to say "hashing" - a mathematical process of electronic fingerprinting data such as pictures.

So sorry Home Office Depot staff... She said it - so she owns it. The confused rambling of the minister is proof positive that she has zero understanding of the technology involved. Perhaps she should concentrate her forensics brilliance on the terror suspect and his weaponry. Hopefully she understands how a knife works.

The home secretary said it was “completely unacceptable” that the government could not read messages protected by end-to-end encryption and said she had summoned leaders of technology companies. It is here that we greet the corporate world. The repercussions from the terror attack will led the wizards in Silicon Valley to cave in like the limp noodles they are.

The owner of WhatsApp, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, may very well give into Ambers demands. The European Union's 28 data protection authorities last year requested that WhatsApp stop sharing user data with Facebook due to questions over the validity of consent. Facebook's European regulator said it hoped to reach a deal in the coming months with the U.S. company to allow it to use data from the WhatsApp messaging service it acquired in 2014.

This first EU step is a camouflaged attempt to strong arm Facebook into EU rules and the very opening by which Amber and her horde of rampaging hashtag army will rush in to demand WhatsApp be defanged. Facebook - You want your user data - share it with us or else

While many still take Mark Z at his word that he would do no such thing, I have my doubts. This doubt is based on the first rule of corporations: Money - there are no other rules.

The EU ruling comes on the heels of another EU effort. The EU Justice Commissioner for Human Rights Vera Jourová announced that the organization will consider a few different plans to require backdoors in encryption products this June. Jourová said she would propose "three or four" plans requiring encrypted communications to provide law enforcement access to encrypted data “with a swift, reliable response." The plans reportedly would include voluntary and mandatory options.

Alas, it is not just the British and the EU bureaucrats who are using encryption as a football to kick around. Emmanuel Macron, the favorite to win the French upcoming presidential election has come out big time anti-crypto.

Mon Dieu!

"Until now, big Internet companies have refused to give their encryption keys or access to this content, saying that they have told their clients that their communications are protected," stated Macron. "This situation is no longer acceptable."

"[Terrorist] organizations that threaten us take advantage of the possibilities of modern cryptography to hide their projects. They use strongly encrypted instant messengers to talk with each other and give orders. A good chunk of that internet traffic is encrypted and gets away from police forces. It’s obviously a weakness and makes the fight against terrorism harder."

Ironically, the Paris and Brussels terrorist attackers never used encryption. Instead, in Paris they used burner throw away phones which are difficult to trace and in Brussels they used obscure native dialects to foil any monitoring attempts. In fact, it was noted by terrorist documentation intercepted online that using encryption was a dead give-away to EU law enforcement and to avoid it if at all possible.

So, after all the talk and action, the homes of freedom, liberty and equality are about to revert to their normal mode of ineffective destructive policies and just plain old ignorance by choice. If Galileo or da Vinci were alive today, they would seek shelter in the Ecuadorian embassy until the wave of stupid finally washes itself out.



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