In 1785, a resolution authorized the then secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs to open and inspect any mail that related to the safety and interests of the United States. The inspections caused leading US political figures, such as George Washington, to complain of mail tampering. According to various historians, this act forced James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe to write to each other in code. They encrypted their letters in order to preserve the privacy of their political discussions.

Today, after every terrorist attack, we are presented with a public relations foil, a ploy, played by the surveillance state to carry out its long desired agenda to enforce its electronic monitoring of America. We are told that we have nothing to fear as long as we have nothing to hide. This argument is as flawed as being against free speech because you have nothing to say. The surveillance state is not protecting America with plans to ban hard encryption instead it is empowering a "Shadow Government" of unseen players. This plan is not to foil terrorist but to monitor and control for the purposes of power.

The centerpiece of any ban is the implementation of back doors into all encryption. We are told that no real study has been done on how to make back doors work and that we can embark on a "Manhattan Project" to accomplish this feat. We are informed by highly ranked politicians that back doors have never really been examined by a committee or commission. We are repeatedly fed the pre-digested factoids that back doors have never been put in place before so why not try them.

In 1993, NASA Administrator Benita Cooper rejected the backdoor design called "CLIPPER", warning that such a design could be breached by a single spy leaker. In an age where someone like Edward Snowden could walk out of the NSA with thousands of documents, I cannot believe that the US government could even consider a design which will put the entire nation at risk to a single mole walking out with the keys to everything.

The contention that backdoors will make us safe is false. The fact is that encryption is math. I can assure you that ISIS can do math. ISIS already has its own encryption tools. The source code is freely available on the Internet. So removing this defense from American hands will do nothing to protect us or allow law enforcement to fight terrorism.

Instead of weakening the very defense necessary to fight ISIS and others we should be making strong encryption mandatory. We can build a cyber-shield around America that will protect individuals, government, and corporations. We need strong encryption to protect finance, communications, the power grid, health care and water. We can lock out the terrorists and criminals by laying a foundation for a robust cyber economy. To fail to do so will leave all the sectors of our nation at risk.

George Washington sent coded letters to LaFayette. Thomas Jefferson invented a cipher machine. John Adams exchanged ciphered mail with his wife Abigail. Even our country started with a code - One if by land - Two if by sea. Without that message the ride of Paul Revere would have never happened. Encryption has been used in America since 1775. We must do as the founding fathers did and protect ourselves from tyranny. It is the American way.

One if by Land, Two if By Sea,



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