Someone has your phone. You don't know who. You don't where it is. Now you have a secure way to help recover it.

White Rat is intended for you to track lost or stolen Android phones by texting a “trigger” key word or phrase to the phone. The White Rat system will begin a beacon process to transmit the GPS location and an image taken with the front phone camera to a pre-designated email address every 15 minutes. The email will contain an encrypted file attachment with the GPS tracking data and the picture.

White Rat displays a message “WARNING YOU ARE BEING TRACKED” each time it sends an email with the GPS data and image.

White Rat was modified on purpose to display the warning message to distinguish it from other applications that can be abused.

The White Rat beacon transmits an email with an encrypted attachment file for your security. The encrypted attachment is in the form of a .mrk file compatible with the FREE MORELOCK application. The file can be decoded and opened using Morelock and your AES PASSWORD. Morelock is available free on the Google play store and on our Softwar.com website.



White Rat sends an image taken with the front camera. The encrypted picture can put a face on who has your phone. White Rat also notifies them you are tracking your phone.

(siimulated image)

White Rat also sends you the last GPS fix on your phone. Sample attachment file to White Rat email.

White Rat will provide the location if it is available and if it is connected to the Internet at the time. Otherwise, the software will return the GPS co-ordinates. Use the Latitude and Longitude co-ordinates to locate using Google maps or Google Earth.


Technical specifications:

White Rat is a GPS, camera and SMTP email application with 256 AES encryption to protect sensitive information.

Android 4.1.2 or later
External SD card 1 Gigabyte or more


Android and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google Inc.






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